Saturday, March 17, 2012

resolve (though it tears us apart)

to want of a woman
and love her like crazy
but she’s not your lady
when you take it too far
and she loses a tear
will you break from the weight
of the fear
as she looks at you coyly
in the lamplight’s dim glow
that splashes and washes the room
the deepest hue
of the romance of you
before you were lost
to the living we did
and all of that lying in bed
we wore each other out
on the other
it was the world
that tore us apart
and made a mess of
your sweet heart
and your passionate face
is now
by the emptiness on your side of the bed
the wretched world
was jealous
of our
incredulous joy
and the way your breasts
peak out
from your soft worn tee shirt
proudly shining
and dancing with the light
hide and seek bouncing
as you are laughing
and we fade off
into the night
like distorted glass
my eyes all bleary
and left in this dark
from the box by the bed
tomcat says,
“i’m gonna love you
‘til the wheels come off”
and that’s just the thing
the axle is already
and these nights are a highway
littered with all of the broken hearts
the horrid hacked up body parts
of all of this love going round
it’s the world that tears us apart
and the things that we have are
and again the world has placed
 a brick wall between us
but i swing the hammer endlessly
tearing it down until
your tears
swelled around it
and you were tired of the sound
of my hammer and
of my
so now
it’s over
it’s amazing how big
this old world can be
and still no room
for you
and me

Friday, March 16, 2012

whiskey (jolly good)

the say you are the
but not tonight
you are the best
that i
have ever had
as we sit here
late night
and talk

Thursday, March 15, 2012


there's a devil outside the door
scratching at my
tearing at my resolve
it is a horrid violent animal
a wolf that tears flesh from bone
and i'm hiding in here
all alone
with my terrible mind,
this horrible disease
that burns me down like a fever
and brings me to my knees
and i'm thankful for frigid water here
a handful on my sweaty neck
and i hear the scratching
of the clawed paw on the sideboards
hungry for my
sinful flesh
and waiting out my rest
to come crashing up
from a burrowed hole
and to be all over me
and my bleary eyes
are romantically enticed
to convince me
to just lay down for a moment
next to her
but i know this devil's
wearied whispers
i know just how it goes down
when she
breathes softly
that awful sound
of mine own lonely
rising from the ground
germinated like spring seeds
from her fertile soul
soon to bear the fruit
of the horrid animal
burrowing beneath the floorboards
and i am sleeping now
just a few more moments
tick tick tick
and in the amber glow
of a candle in my cabin
tonight it goes down slow
like it all was set up so smoothly
to strike when i got low
and i got low....
fuck it
bring on the wolves at the door

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

goddamn (i wish i was in frisco)

stars could fall down
right here
and burn the ground
around her and i
slowly fading
to the dark
tuesday night
after the

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


she whispered it
"fuck you"
as she walked away
and i was longing for her
but i guess...hmm
the open road

Monday, March 12, 2012

all is quiet on the last front

this is the best moment
this one here
and i wasted it writing
these words
i’ve stolen from
the air
and she would be standing here in the
and proclaiming all her love
but I derailed from all
of that
fate tried calling
but i was drunken stoned
and i missed
out on the blue eyes
and i’ve missed out on the fame
and so here i am left standing
just a fool soaked through again
but there is chili on the stove top
and the boss is on the box
and scratch is sitting staring
out the window at the dock
and all is really quiet
and the amber light is still
i have carved this little hideout
so i guess my fate is due
but i won’t pay it on time
i’ve leaving in the morning air
fishing on the blackthorn
and i’ll be far away from here
so if she should come knocking
tell her try back in a year
i love this life i’m living
calm and quiet as hell
round here...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

quarantine/ incinerator

there is always the smart one
that says one of us could be infected
maybe we should stay here for a while
maybe just incinerate
burn ourselves down
for the fate of the human race
we'll lock ourselves up tight
so there's no getting out
cause this is the worst
feeling coming down
and then there are the crazy ones
or maybe just the sane
who just wanna run out and slide away
and back there where
all the other people laughing
and the quarantine line is
getting low
to this strange and red disease
it's got me feeling low
and then a little sweat drips from the brow
then things start changing
and my skin crawls slow
and i grab my last grenade
pull the pin and count to 3
cause this virus in here
has poisoned the best of me
nothing but this feeling
where i drown
cause love is the worst disease
and its going round.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

brief reprieve (i'm gonna quit this scene)

jazz after hours
bellowing low from my
parked car at the mcdonald's
drive through
a ritual of
vampires and
guitar players
on the way home
oh yeah
and the asshole kids
throwing their trash around
racing their sleek machines
across the yellow lines
of the parking lot
the server girl was nice
but i'm too old to fuck her
and besides
she knows my penchant
for the 2 fish fry
and she has a real nice body
tight to the waste and a clear face
she doesn't eat this shit at all....
saturday night and i am worn out
this scene is
killing me
and with no mercy or reservation
of violent effort
i am a rag doll on the cosmos
"baby all I need is you"
and the walking baseline
ba doom doom doom doom
baby all i need is you
the sweet reprieve
and tonight she is asleep in
my covers
and i will be there when i can wind myself down
so for once
not another bar girl
on a couch
maybe ...
this town will go fuck itself for good
this time
and this last run
will turn it all around
"set your clock ahead,"
the radio man
and oh yeah
i lose another hour
better limp it home and hit the shower
and try to slip
in bed without her sensing
i want to relish in my weary
in the dark
i don't know,
maybe the bottle
and the back porch

Friday, March 9, 2012


human race;
shit show
animals don't sink
to the depths we do
drunk assholes
do their prostrated
mating dance
in this shitty bar
on drinks of mind altering
dumb enough at the start
now compounded
and stumbling back
to a bedroom somewhat close
or a parked car
and this is why we are losing
and the world will someday
shake us of its shell
dumb + dumb
and high hopes for the future
dumber than i thought
and i watch the
short bus peacocks
and wish i had the ejector button
i'd rather be alone right now in silence
to contemplate why I wasn't
born a lion
just and sure
of my brethren
a king upon a kingdom
and no drunk assholes
and all the ladies
i could

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

whiskey (fuck yeah)

thank god
all those bright
were burning
my mind
and soul

Monday, March 5, 2012

(junk-pile / procrastination / the enticement of her skin - or, simply,) my sweetheart’s drunk again

the creaking fan sings it
bright out
why haven’t you finished yet?
it’s a simple thing
to finish
what is already so near
old brass blades are staring through
the bars
at me
and it’s true that there
is no excuse
friday night and already
my mind is buzzing
with the failure
of a another week down
the drain
gurgling it’s nasty
to living
every day
while the dreams stack up
in huge piles
in an ever
like the dishes
by the sink
and the bottles by the door
you came here tonight
again half drunk
and tossed your shirt
onto the floor
and again it felt like
not this winter
until we were laying there
in the damp
and i came down to this
a fan quietly whirling
and the subtle living breeze
and your body rests beside me
and the brass blade
where were you as the night fell
and all those precious moments missed
why haven’t you finished
your masterpiece
and all the things upon your list?
i guess it falls
just number two
behind her sultry bliss
the polarizing
light hits hard
with every drunken kiss
and i only hope
the dreams i left
don’t grow
of her
lying there
in the moonlight
while i

Sunday, March 4, 2012

gone - bone – the wincing branch

i am a branch under the weight
of snow
and ice
the aggressive attack
of a world
that chills to the bones
that they try to
break apart
i hear cracks
every moment,
tiny fissures in my desire
for life
and i am waiting
each dry and windy moment
for that final snap
and crumble
the sweet relief of
the battle lost
as the howls
and cries,
the names of those
who i could once
lean on

Saturday, March 3, 2012


i waste time like water in a dripping
and slowly
in the darkest corners
of my very soul
each day too short
and not enough done
why does the
ticking mistress
run out so soon
and i
was just
warming up

Friday, March 2, 2012


if you learned i was a robot
would you hold me while i cry
or just toss me an old oil can
and say, “wipe the tears from your eyes?”
if i was a shooting star
exploding in the sky
would you consider me a missile
and cry out for me to die?
if i were a just stranger
would you give me half a chance
would you flick me off like cigarette ash
at the slightest sideways glance?
if i were a tornado
would you let me hold you for a while
then go and climb down to the shelter
and let the whole thing pass you by?
if i were in a car wreck
would you want to look and see
and cast your gently gazing eyes
one last time at me?
to touch my face so softly
reaching into this grotesque
a scene were love lies suspended
in viscous strings of thick blood mess
and if i said i truly loved you
would the past all melt away
as i lay there dying slowly
would you finally look and see
the man at the core of all of this
now a broken spirit machine
all the gears and springs
of a heart torn up by dreams
they are so soft and fragile
so this puts it to the test
will you realize how deep my love went
when you finally lay me
to rest?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

angel 9

angel came down
like a hell-spawn yesterday
woke up and
she was lying
hoping her
sultry body would
help to make it play
i drank too much
i guess
so here is where
we stayed
she smelled just like
an angel
but her sweet hair
gave it away
as i watched her
in the after
i could see the way she sneered
she was just the awful devil
trying to steal my soul from here
and i have to admit, i let her
in the night i gave it away
i’ve never seen a creature
that looked so goddamned heavenly
and i guess that’s the crude poison
the second side of the blade
that as my eyes and body
were writhing in pleasure
my soul was dying here
she was a waxwork imposter
with that bold white ink
but there were
black wings in the shadows
hanging evil
over you
but god she was spectacular
the artwork of my wildest
i would banish her
to marble
if i could keep it
for a while
and jimi
she was not
what you said
when that lp played
from the distant
living room
in the
amber light of
first times
that thick and foggy
between the
and the
record player
as she was
in my
an it hit me hard
while gazing
at her perfect amber
she was the caramel
decadent angel
sent to make
me feel alone
and laying there in silence
her body still twitching
with moans
and I stared off into the darkness
and she was still
somewhat in pleasure
on her own
and this satanic creature
was moving
underneath my satin sheets
and the air all thick and heavy
from the sweaty midnight heat
only a few hours until sunrise
when i can justify my eyes
to to be open while i’m thinking
about all these awful times
i don’t regret the fucking
or tasting her salt skin
a don’t regret the passion
or the lips that i came in
and i don’t regret the nighttime
or the tattoo on her skin
and i don’t regret the devil
i have no time for him
but there is a cold dark
cloud that sits
in my soul each night
it rains on every
perfect thing
that i ever
get in life
this was the only thing i wanted
only 7 hours ago
and i paid my own admission
and it was an historically wild show
and there is no greater desire
than the one she can inspire
but that’s just the thing
this angel
drove to hell
my only
choked out
to a fizzling fuse
by the lack of oxygen
in the inferno
of a single
my only