Monday, November 5, 2012


i’ve got things to do
places to be
women to fuck
with their perky little breasts
i don’t have time for this mess
i don’t have time for these thoughts
or your pretty little wreck
which does bear the romantic
foggy picture
of the innocence of youth
and the tragedy of death
and your soft and perfect neck
and it makes me long
for some water
or the bloody, bloody mess
the twisted metal
the marrow of this life
and you know that one
these days
but i don’t have time
even though your lips
look like cherry red
and i long to
sultriness of the
but there is no time
i have many wrecks left to
although yours might just take
the prize
but i don’t have time
no i don’t have time
but oh,
you do look so

Thursday, November 1, 2012

snow shelter

I could be snowed in with my lady,
There’s a blizzard coming down
And as I walk to my destination
Each falling flake
Is an earthquake
With a head like mine
And I came in from the
Cold to find myself
In the warm pub
With the cool d├ęcor
And the wooden floors
Yeah, I could be snowed in
With a single beauty
But here
There are so many warm bodies
For a more general
And earthly relation
I could be snowed in
But I don’t care
Me and the band are playing
All night long
And it’s a joyful sound
In this amber lit room
Beyond the foggy windows
A light against the cold winter night
And dancing idiots
Just being human
I chose this life
Because it is full of life
At least a little bit
And it is the best of my music pals and we are
Trading songs
We love for the singing
And Katie is dancing
On a table
And the laughter echoes like
The choir of angels
And the feet on the floor
The thunder of the heavens
Outside big snowflakes fall
I could be snowed in with my lady
But me and the band are playing
All night