Sunday, July 20, 2014

whiskey breath

i wonder
if i die young
will my cat
long for my 
whiskey breath
since each night he rests
on my dusty warm chest
with one worn out hand
laying on his back
torn apart fingers
stained with shellac
as i drift in and out of
sleep and surrender
a hard days work
of turning of timber
into delicate boxes
and other sweet 
and a tired man
with tired whiskey breath
the cat blissfully breathes
in and out
two breaths to 
each of mine
and we're
both feeling fine
me from the whiskey
and my faithful
he from the ether
flowing deep from the canyon
of truths between the man and
the things that he wanted
but the whiskey is warm
like the cat on his heart
that is purring so low
like a train when it starts
and the dreams shared between them
are now simple and slow
and the soft breeze that dances
through the open window
and the sound in the distance
of the rumbling burn
where something bigger
might spring up in turn
but this sleep's drifting over
the man and his friend
and the whiskey breath,
the purring
crawling sweetly toward the end...

Sunday, March 16, 2014


colors swim
this is the map to yesterdays
shines thin
room spins
time machine to when we played
you there
under the stars for lake swim
moon shine
lay back
watch them shimmer fade and spin
time flies
love dies
memory cuts like you did
those things 
you said
truth you felt and left it hid
now gone
fuck you
here's to the games you played kid
heart break
oh well
here i am all drunk again
last time
good bye
never coming here again....
never coming here again....