Sunday, August 26, 2012


telecaster blaster
that’s right i am the one they’re after
so you,
well you can call me master
a real cold cool disaster
spit on the mic
and tear down the plaster
oh shit man
that’s the man that rocks it faster
trans-post your soul
to the sweeter place
the sweetest little angel with the
and now she gets replaced
and to get in tune
with the transitory soul
of the
even if it’s all out of place
downing them bottles
sitting by the lake
and wishing
i was raging though
stars and space
to somewhere
my soul could finally rest

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ghosts 1-4

from a rust colored attic
floorboards creak
the ghosts waltzing again
his arms in her arms
and the ghasted hollow air
full of the echo
of silent
a clandestine waltz
'shaking like a leaf on a tree'
in the fall
and i am restless tonight
'a bug on a fuzzy tree'
the discontentment
of my middle years
too young for nostalgia
but to old for halcyon
what do we call this place
the listening years
in between the wild
and the waltzing
something in 5/4 out of balance
and awkwardly leading
down the path
to the fall
at least the snow is not here yet
and sweatshirt weather
made for a great walk
in the great woods
behind the house
walking stick
and blowing warm air
into the cavernous icy hands
stiff from labor
and cracking
at the edges from this
dry cold
it seems
everything ages
if you leave it long enough
so i will retire
to my workshop
to hear the long smooth
drawn out knock
of the handplane
on the edge of cherry
a native wood
hewn from the rough
woodchips all around
the work hands
my corner against
the coldness of the world
and it all shapes up
if you work it long enough
and the soul that soaks in
is greater than what
the modern machines
i will leave this behind
as a gravetone epiteth
i was here
i was here
i was here for just a while....

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

alarm clock manifesto – a modest call to arms

better wake up
because hells on the way
the silent killer snuffing
the truth while you play
better wake up
they're stealing your rights
they’ll be busting down doors
taking freedom at night
and the blood in the streets
and where the poor could once meet
to demand something more
will be burned in defeat
you have a choice here,
this is the spot
where we all grab a weapon
and we keep what we’ve got
the right to gather
and march in the streets
there is no greater power than
the power to meet
there is no greater force than the
masses on feet
marching and yelling
to call for our needs
but it’s not long from now
they will have us all bound
and locked behind doors
with a label in our mouth
we all wear the tee-shirts
like brainwashed robots
lining up for our bread
lining up for our thoughts
they’re coming for your children
what happens to them
they use the fear for their safety
so you hand it to them
the things we once had
the right to enjoy life
the right to bear arms
to protect all these rights
the right just to gather
the right to drive cars
the right to get laid
or be nude ‘neath the stars
you can’t make love in public
but now that means your back yard
the right to bear arms
might sound violent and seedy
but what if we have none
and the big guys get (more) greedy
they are taking our choice
to even choose medication
they will automate the cures
based on a small list of symptoms
that will be a dead line
and a pill will pop out
and the robot will scream,
‘put this shit in your mouth’
and if you refuse
they will throw you in jail
and your friends will have no money
to come post your bail
and your money is paying
for them to make your choice for you
they are beating you with your own stick
‘til you’re subdued
better wake up
cause they lull you to sleep
they’ve made all of these electronic
lullabyes cheap
‘we can’t have revolution,
they might take my phone dear,
they might take the blinking lights
I’ve come to love so here’
or your xbox or blu-ray
or your microwave food
if they took those away,
 what the fuck would you do?
maybe read about real shit
or how to build something better
or will you shackle down
and scrub the floor by the bolts on your fetter
wake up America
right down to the letter
the letter of law
‘cause we still have a few
we can still use what’s left
there are still things left to do
because the stonework of your rights
they are chipping away
from behind ever slowly
and approaching the day
the facade is so small
so pathetically thin
that they burst through, ‘tadaa!!!
now we own EVERYTHING!’
and the richest motherfuckers
don’t allow you to vote
‘casue they stole all the money
and they stole the whole boat
and you’re left there to drown
in the river of dreams
cause the dream part was murdered
it’s body washed up downstream
the regime of the wicked
will take the skin off your bones
how many jobs do you have?
just to get by alone?
they will raise the green whip
and flay the skin from your back
until they use you as an ottoman
after your heart attack
it’s time that we take it all back!
before it’s too late
the ships sinking fast
there is no time to wait!
this is the moment
there’s a pulse in the streets
there’s a heartbeat a thumping
there’s a stomping of feet
that’s our great battleground
the meeting of minds
peaceful or bloody,
it’s time!
we still own the car
we can take back the wheel
we can open the door
and hand them the ‘new deal’
‘you work for us
you dumb motherfucker
now you’re kissing the curbside
you fucked up so, pucker!’
we own this car
and it belongs in the ditch
if we can’t get control
of the wheel from the rich!
Better wake up
‘cause hell’s on the way
we’re marching on Washington
by millions today
we burned all the bad seeds they give us to grow
the bickering arguments that muddy the show
the smoke and mirror tactic
to keep us all blind
like, ‘welfare, and healthcare, and unemployment lines’
we’re not slaves to the grind
we are the righteous and free
and rise up
we rise up
we rise up to loudly decree
this is Our Country!
Our Land!
Our Military!
Our free to live homeland
from sea to shining sea!
A true Patriot
questions his government
‘cause it’s the Country He Loves!
We’ll take it all back
if we have to with blood!
We will take back our jobs
from way overseas
we will take back our progress
we will make ourselves free!
we will tear down the banks
we will tear down the oil
we will tear down the wall street
we will tear up the soil
underneath the blacktop
underneath all the steel
underneath the very tires
on the big business wheels
we will plant a new garden
we will grow our own food
they gets moved hand to hand
Does That Not Make Sense To You?
instead of trucking that pre packaged shit
from one central location
lets plant acres and acres
across the whole nation!
we will clean up the soil
and the water as well
so that our childrens childrens children
can eat real food too
It’s time to wake up now
there is so much to do
we will take back these rights
cause its our last right to
by millions who stand for freedom or bust
by hook or by crook or by blood if we must
or maybe you’ll just hit snooze a little bit more
and fade off into the dream that they shove down your core
and cut off your future, while they fuck you, you snore
you can have the sweet dreams
but i’ll take the war
it’s time to wake up now
it’s time to come to
so tell me fellow countryman
what will you do?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

a brief but important warning

uncle sam,
it's our car.
you're just the
asshole we
are allowing
to drive it

Friday, August 3, 2012


if you were drugs
i would be a shaking junkie
waiting and writhing for each new fix
wildly raving on you
throwing my life in the ditch
i would ruin all of my
torn down bridges only to find
a crazy man
scratching and shaking
and steadily losing his mind
but then someday
i would go rehab
and reclaim
what was left
of my life
i would purge you from my living
the poison
of my

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

cold water

cold water
cools and cleans
the days face
and the summer
window open
but it's still 3 a.m.
and this is not a river
just a porcelain
patch job
and no rest for the weary

rag dolly

i’ve heard of a girl
who really needed flowers
and she was an intoxicating beauty
and that was not her fault
but he tore her wide open
when she jumped into the
the horrid wicked ball
and she was dancing there in silence
waltzing with a man
that is no man at all
and he left her broken weary
torn and tattered like a
stumbling drunk rag doll
and I saw her eyes still breathing
but her body threw the towel in long ago
and the last time I saw her even
the smile seemed like
it was stitched on with
some thread to sell the show
and I’d pay the peso
for a single glance at one
with eyes like that within
the subtle sign of a phoenix
that’s tearing through the skin
she is arching her back in
my imagination
convulsing before my eyes
tearing out and ready to rise
and orgasm of passion for the
liveliest of life
and the subtlest of nights
and the gazing rest of
stars inside her eyes
a rag doll to rise into a
carved beauty shining in the light
breasts perched to the sun and wings
outstretched for flight
and she will use me as a leaping stone
and I will gladly watch
her fading off
into her life
the creature she was meant to be
and with
my job done,
all returns to right….