Tuesday, April 24, 2012

night slurry

night tore through
like a lunatic cement truck
bearing down hard
soaking all the world
in its darkest gunk
and i was the fool
at the bottom
swimming up
trying to writhe free
from this circumstance
this statue to
to world
and all my failures
on display
stars resting on my brow
at the bottom of the syrupy stuff
yet still
i was electrified
and alive
at the heart
with my purest

Monday, April 23, 2012

insipid blue light

this insipid blue light
is tearing through
the sinew of
my very eyes,
and boiling with
the fluid that is
bent and misshapen now
and no rest for the
wicked bullshit
which this modern world
handed down not from forefathers
as the station of man
but as a new disease that we have all
this divalent
viral fungous
into the very marrow
of man
and here i am
a fool to still be seated
in a deceivingly hard chair
my brains melted down
to the floor
and i roll over them with every minor
i have gotten good
at some
of these things
and others
i am so far removed
it wastes far more time than
it saves
and i long for days
of woods walking
and running through fields
i should become a ranch hand
and never see the glow of
the power
i’d be sure
to read
by candlelight
or, fuck that
just go to bed
and rise with the sun
cured of this vampirical
and standing in the
first rays of day
finally fit as a statue in the
gleaming of the sun and thus
modern man

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


what waking dreams have kept me here
within the land of dreams
where i usually think on her sweet face
but tonight im lost from the means
to return again to keep her love
in the garden of time and waste
a rush to find the doorway there
and now i'm in haste to the waist
and thats not all
there is a tiny man
watching me
yes every move i make
and if i see him sleeping
at the slightest move and he wakes
so i cannot escape to where you rest
as long as they know you are there
they watch me now
for i had bragged
that you were worth much more
more than gold and more than steel even more
than all else in deed
and all else is mad
and sharpened the blades
to bring forth the war onto me
its 5 am and staring up
as sheep jump over fences
and all i see is your sweet eye
dripping in sweet confection
and i have spoiled the healthy stuff
now this one im sure i should mention
i hang on tight
onto the wire
strung high and high with tension

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

medicine man (or, fuck you, i tried)

i always knew
i was just your
soft place to fall
and someday
with wounds healed
you’d walk away
from it all
but the broken
things you left lying
were probably overkill
your collateral
on the end
of that last call
and you didn’t know
that i knew i was
the doctor
and the medicine
that fixed you
was not my love
but your
its yellow puss
all over my
clean white
i gladly left them
lying around
a sterile field
to soil
with the infection
you were nursing
waiting for
a soft
place to fall
and i put on my
paint and feathers
and played the
part to the “t”
a shaman all shaking
shakes free
and the placebo
draws the humors
from the depths of
her sea
and she was
not laughing
the slow
and weak
and the patient
begins to shriek
and that’s when
you know its working
when they lose
the control
and it looks like
and then it’s all over
and the shaman
goes home
and puts on a movie
another days work
the tube
and as he fades off,
one whisper,
“fuck you.”
but the only one
left is the moon
who smiles
and whistles
a tune...
the shaman was me
the woman

and, oh yeah, the moon
was definitely the moon

Monday, April 16, 2012

if, but

if i were
a free floating seed
on the winds
of this
gentle springtime
i would
light a while
on her sweet
flowing field
but alas
i am a tree
and curled
in the soil
of my circumstance
and her abundant

Sunday, April 15, 2012


they are after you
with their
big things
dragging and bounding
on the ground
all goofy
and awkward
with the drooping ears
and wonder eyes
love hunger
drooling from the corner
of the mouth
and staring as they bound
in your direction
soaked in scents
of ancient
and cleaned and useless
muscle ridden
they are the
googely trolls
of this bar
in the land of
so remember
when your years give out
be sure to
keep ‘em wired,
was your
best feature
i hope
you’re enjoying the ride
and the thrill of the chase
from that angle
you have
on the
dripping like
in the caves
of your