Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ice cream truck

i love you like the ice cream truck
and i have never had one bite
i've never run out to the street
and i've never spent one dime
but i hear it coming up the street
and i listen as it goes by
and it feels like home
when i'm all alone
to know the world is alright
the subtle song
starts off real sweet
and then sounds like
elephants charging
in low bit tones like
video games
or pop songs
from the 80's
and you are not that vintage yet
but you'd fit in here just fine
in my crazy fortress
far away
from the excess of modern life
where we still make
things out of wood
that have soulful allure
and dance each night
to vinyl albums
that sound so rich and pure
the soulful kiss of yesteryears
and us both drunk on the floor
with the way you smile so sugar sweet
and live like you don't know failure from folklore
yes i love you like the ice cream truck
i hear it every day
and i'll never taste
for fear of loss
the day
it goes

Monday, July 2, 2012

this poem is shit (and death approaches two more steps)

we’re here a while and then we die
and that’s the why
and it’s why we try
but then there’s just this
you and i
you and i and here we lie
yeah, and here we lie
just waiting