Monday, June 25, 2012


a withered flower
a smoky ashen timber
a deflated ballon
now soon
am i
destined for sleepyworlds
where immortal giants slay the
bodies left strewn and screaming
from this uphill battle
racing toward the last step
i took
and here in this world of noise
the ceiling fan
and ac
roars like a disastrous carnivore
there is a blinking streetlight
and a headache creeping
the world at the door
and, 'nevermore'
or whatever
the morgue might be
my only respite
'a great notion'
but the dawn hides behind
the mountain
and there are bills to pay
and battle to rage
the armada of my aspirations
ill get em 1 by 1
and cats to kill
but thats no fun
its just what they say
for the getalong
whimpering there
at break of day
and 1 by 1 sun up
sun down
and i'm worn out
the revolution is almost over
for me
or you could say its,
almost here
and the prideful smile
ran out with the gas for now
and i'm all worn out
a withered flower
a smoky ashen timber
a deflated balloon
melting and dripping
to sleepylands
and demons
i'll be there soon...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

burns so bright

i see the world in flashes of light
at least thats the way it seems tonight
a thundershower in my head
it crashes so hard
i must be dead
but not so much yet i'm
in my bed
and scratch is pressed
so tightly to my side
just like
when we are sleeping
this mental drug i've been working
leaves me needing
scratching at my side
now you get the irony
i am shredded here
and the music
takes me for a ride
and is
said to cause flashes of light
or so says the crazy banger
the bouncing animal
who sits behind me
when i'm watching
girlies dance and
move their glorious vessels
her perfect breasts
her jeans in tow
and shes on a roll
writhing like a lady
who is acting like a ho
whoa and here we go
with her slightly stated tattoo
the music makes flashes of light
if you listen hard
but its just the world
fucking with your head
just like tonight
my heart is racing
from a world that moves too fast
like them honeys
out there
shaking that ass
and smiling
and here i watch in
because its only the world
if you squint-your-eyes
you can see it pulling the strings
that lead to her sultry side
and its fucking with my head
the lighting in here and the boom of
leaden hammers
thump thump thump thump
if i cant slow it down or stop it
i know i'll wind up dead
but scratch is pressed up beside me
licking his feet
like something sweet
but i'm not
laughing tonight
i see the world in flashes of light
and it burns so bright
oh man
it burns so bright

Saturday, June 23, 2012


scarecrow lying on the side of the road
motorcycle wheels spinning too
like a halloween approximation
of the headless horseman
it’s the middle of june
shredded clothes
dirt brown
and all torn down
a patterned flesh
like burlap and hay
and there is likely
no walking
crimson in the grass
like christmastime
little bits of metal that sparkle
and shine
gravel kicked up on the road
in an erratic artwork
like pollock on speed
and there was a young girl
playing hopscotch across the street
when the sound of
scraping metal hit the air
and the slow motion ballet
was superimposed
on her flipping hair
skipping up and down
while it all went down
and the siren that she made
by the time the artwork was made
and minutes before
the ambulance
....and i drove by
the lights
on my way
to something

Sunday, June 10, 2012

sweet vidalias (house of pain)

sweet vidalias on the grill
house of pain in the window
sitting on the porch-boards
old rusty lawn chair
sipping from the bottle
stars in the sky
fresh cut grass
and singing oh my my
and the cat in the window too
meowing out loud
and the stars started falling all around
slow motion spinning
finally the world was still for
just a brief moment
and i caught it but...

work left to do
‘miles to go...” or whatever
and a part of me is
‘pack it up
pack it in’
i could get in 
the car and hit the highway
making a living
sanding surfboards in cali
or playing hip hop acoustic
on the beach
in maui

‘battle me,
thats a...’
nice thought
-nothing but the world
coming knocking
but i am here
banging away
no rest
for the
real men
and here i go
‘i came to win’
so sleep is a sin
or so i was told
long before
i got old
here we go....

Saturday, June 9, 2012

missing pieces 123

This empty bottle of wine
This small town bar is alright
You were the girl
Outside the place where the lights went down

And I thought about the girl
Holding onto me
Closer than the water
Thought about a girl

Before you turn away to go
Kiss me goodbye
Kiss me goodbye
Now walking back remind me
before you turn away to go

I don’t know
Why I came here love
I don’t know why I came   whoo-hoo
And these stars seem mighty bright
That I might die
I don’t know why I came here

I like your new place
Don’t just stand there pretty
With that sad look on your face
I’m drunk on wine
So I thought about the girl
And she walked down on me

by the seas of my disconnection
and the silence
born into
the night

Friday, June 8, 2012

dream eaters

i wonder if you think of me after all these years
i think of you each time it rains
and when the sun shines down
i’ve had a silver ring
to someday grace your hand
but probably too late
and probably far too long
but empty empires fade to dust
just like a lonely man
i thought of you
in some town somewhere
i was lost in this big world
i would have called 
i’ll see you in the evening,
when you tell me of your dreams
the only time we’re not apart
is inside the walls of sleep
and the dream eaters are coming fast
with their bright white teeth
hungry to feast
on my memories
the only remaining place
that i see your face
and here they come
the monsters of my
lonely fear
and they are here
goodbye i guess
i will hold them off as
as i can
but there are so many
and i