Tuesday, October 27, 2015

mason jar

mason jar of memories
cool night and fall is upon us
lying flat on back
ceiling floats above with indignation
or disinterest
but the cat is licking himself
and the crab-apples rap tap tapping
a mason jar of blue beads
from back when she loved me
in the fall
and way before this all
shes got a
baby boy now
lives sick
something autoimmune
but he's smiley
makes me think of altered paths
2 roads in a wood
is a minute by minute divergence
every moment has many paths
might as well call it a dessert
any direction
any time
mason jar of water
good now and life settled slowly
and the bridge it
floated under
sheltered it from
lightning and thunder
put it in a jar
that sits here on the
table as she sleeps
beneath my stars
naked to me at least
the beast
if not also to her life
I can't help but thinking that
I've finally got it right
but can I keep it
is the question
that is tearing up my mind
and man it
tears me up
when she does
those things
so fine
but I'm still this creature
in a damp cave crawling
darkling deep inside
canned it up for
another long winter
mason jar with
candle lit
flickering lights
that flirt and flit
as I sit watching
ice form slowly
on the window
what's in store
and waiting
and scratch, the cat,  is
curled up warm inside
an old flannel shirt
on oaken floor
and she is looking up
from a book
with those burning eyes
wondering what I'm
thinking I surmise
but there are no lies
and there are no questions
just quiet noises washing
over subtle introspections
that shine so bright
as the fall day slips to night
mason jar of memories
mason jar of light
mason jar of thinking
mason jars of night
dark and hiding secrets
in the open void of light
and if life's mysteries are troublesome
and tear you up inside
twist and slide the subtle lid
see what waits
...and then just
hang on
for the ride

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