Tuesday, October 27, 2015


caught a ghost
the one that's in your head
caught it my sheets
caught it in my bed
and i don't know
where you've been
i've been here sleeping
by the impression
that you left

sweet girl
the sweet mouth
sweet as summer wind
heading south. mm
and left me here
the northern man
its getting colder
in this wind
on my face and hands

catch a tiger
catch a smile
catch a catch
for a little while
and you will go
slip into the wind
i'll still be here
for years on end
i'm sure after you've gone....

catching time
repairs to the boat
the man still there
in corduroy coat
catch the wind
but let it go
rooted down here
with nothing
to show

but the memory true
a trophy or two
that got thrown back
before the plaque
nothing here
but memory
nothing here
to show....

but then again
the birds returned;
spring is coming
so who knows....
who knows...

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