Monday, March 21, 2016

Dischord (the scarring)


Yeah i said it
and so she walked on out my door
shouting words she aimed at pictures
nothing more, nothing more

painting me into a corner
in the corner of her mind
i was a dark bar with loose doors
and open all the time

she was a yellow light
outside in the moths and the heat
a sea of contemplations
when it always came to me

and in the swiftness of night
she cut the flesh from the marrow
the thin line slithering on the floor
dirty floorboards with blood slopped emissions
nothing more, nothing more

my soul spot with the dancing crowd
where my demons died out in the sea
but linger out beyond the light
this was church for me

good and greasy with the backbone beat
the place where good time people meet 
come to breathe and shake the devil
from their bodies when they are weak

i was the water until she arrived
then i was suddenly man inside
and my transcendence gone
she was only a song or a whore
nothing more

and here i am all empty inside
a flopsack from the ride
lying on bloody floorboards
where i used to beat my devils
but now she has soaked through the foundation
and laid me outstretched and on the level

and she's blind as hell so she can't see
the slithering mess she's made of me
when i used to be the water
that shook them weary bodies
and cleansed the whole damned sea

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