Thursday, April 23, 2015

the relentless beast

feel the throb and thrust
of the relentless beast
just off the sand of the
gravestone beach
out past the stony finger
of the Witchlight Breach
i drowned my love
in the dark and deep
she was sweet and lovely
as the town will say
til she met me on the sunlit day
and i made her smile
and her heart would stray
and i stole that little girl
but years would pass as life
and she hid
in the dark dark house
and her blood turned
vinegar, spite, and anger through
and she barked and clawed
and lashed out too
the smiling man was cut in two
as she became the thing that sucks up light
so i dug a hole in the dark of
night and
led her out
into the night
and past the sands i took my love down
and forever the darkness
will hold her now....

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